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Meet the Providers

Hello there! We are the HummTeam, and our combined experience as early learning educators total over 30+ years! Our love for children and passion for education has inspired us to operate our dayhomes to support families in our community. We know that there is a great need, not only for child care, but for quality child care. We hope to provide this for as many families as possible!

We all have completed Police Record & Child Welfare Intervention Checks, as well as up-to-date CPR & First Aid Certification, and we seek out Professional Development Opportunities!

Meet the Providers: Team Members


Hello! I'm Paulette and I am the Director of Hummingbird Dayhome Inc.! It has been my pleasure these past few years to care for so many families in my community!

My passion for children over these 30 years has inspired me to open my own dayhome and expand my services into neighbouring communities. My hope is to continue this exciting journey as far as it will take me!

  • Early Childhood Educator Diploma

  • Level 3 Child Care Certification

  • Little Warriors Prevent It! Workshop



Hey there! My name is Laura and I provide administrative support, and I am also an Educator on the HummTeam! It has been amazing to watch and be part of the impact that Hummingbird Dayhome has had in the lives of families and the community in general. I can't wait to see what's next!

  • BA, BEd

  • Level 3 Child Care Certification



Hello! My name is Cassandra and I have been an Educator on the HummTeam for almost three years! But my love for working with children extends beyond that!

  • Level 1 Child Care Certification

  • Brain Story Certification.



Hello! My name is Andrea and I have been an Educator on the HummTeam for over a year! I have worked with children for many years and they continue to  amaze and inspire me everyday!

  • Level 1 Child Care Certification

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