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A Typical Day at Hummingbird Dayhome*

*Schedule is subject to change due to outings, family or children needs.

A Typical Day: Events
Father & Son

Family Arrival & Children Drop-Off

I know that goodbyes can be tough on both the children and the parents, but I try to ease the transition of care with exciting activities and many reassurances!

Morning Snack & Play

Not all my friends are morning people, so an interesting activity, a morning snack, and maybe a short nap will help to boost their engagement!

Playing with Animals
Kids for Peace

Outdoor Exploration

We go outside every day unless conditions are unsafe. We might play in the backyard helping to tend the garden or play in our mud kitchen, or go out on neighbourhood excursions to interesting locations, like the library or the local parks!


After all that fun, it's time to take a break and fuel our bodies! A nutritional lunch is provided by me while children are given the opportunity to practice serving and feeding themselves. It might be messy, but that's how we all learn!

Little Girl in a Restaurant
Baby Sleeping

Nap Time

Young children need a certain amount of sleep during the day, therefore our nap time or quiet time will be assisted with soft music or nature sounds, and soft lighting.

Wake-Up & Afternoon Snack

Waking up after a lovely nap is hard sometimes, but having some yummy, healthy snacks waiting definitely helps!

Father and Son

Indoor/Outdoor Play and Home Time

We are always excited to see our family at the end of the day! We share stories about the exciting events of the day and it's a great time to exchange important information!

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